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Bellamy was born in Paltland, but once his magic potential was discovered he was sent to an academy to learn magic. His talents included both water and lightning magic, and he became quite adept at both. After earning the title of Wizard he selected to peruse some personal interests. He intends to one day earn the title of Mage or perhaps even ascend to the title of Grand Magus.


Bellamy is tall, at six feet three inches. He generally wears a large black cloak over his clothing. When he's not wearing that he's almost always in casual jeans and a t shirt. His hair is black, he keeps it at medium length and spiky. His eyes are a deep blue. He's always wearing leather gloves with open fingers and black boots.


Bellamy's weapon of choice is an extremely large blade. It is six feet long and twelve inches wide. With such a design its weight at velocity is incredible and it's impossible for anybody but Bellamy himself to wield. The secret (KEYWORD, secret. Your characters ought not to know this) is in his gloves and boots. The gloves allow him to use his magic to reduce the weight of the sword, while his boots can be used to provide superior traction over virtually any surface. This allows him to put his full strength to use when wielding his blade. It should be noted that the amount of force generated by his weapon is great enough that traditional methods of blocking are quite useless. The best defense is to get out of the way.

Bellamy also carries an array of shuriken blades, shuriken that fold into a four bladed knife.