This Continuity is Eternal.

Act 1: Modern EraEdit

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The "main" era of the Eternal Continuity. The four kingdoms have been stable and at peace for many years now, and the world as a whole has entered into a glorious stage the Wizard historians have dubbed the Age of Expansion.

GM: Keplers

Players: Hovawart, Plurky of House Targaryen, LinkCelestrial, Sparrowhawk

Act 2: The Dark WarEdit

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The ancient days when the world was yet young. The hundreds of sects of magic have broken into open war. The kingdoms of the half-brothers have been lost, their rule diminished. Nothing is as it seems, magic can be tasted in the air, and the line between peacekeeping and totalitarian rule is thin indeed.

GM: Keplers

Players: Hovawart, Sparrowhawk

Act 3: AftershockEdit

Not yet started
The Wizard Order has termed this new era the Industrial Revolution. It seems that the world's nations have entered some golden age of progress. Yet... There seem to be aftershocks of an age long past.

GM: Keplers


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