Ethaniel Grey is the second son of Lord Marik Grey. To most of his peers, he is nothing but "that irresponsible young scamp who spends most of his time in frivolous pursuits." In reality, he is one of the youngest members of the local Gentleman's Club, a group of extremely successful assassins.


Ethaniel Grey was a rather studious child. As the second son, there was little pressure to prepare for the days when his father could no longer oversee the family lands. He took a special interest in botany, likely because his father had a grand garden. He claimed a small section of it, used a portaion of his allowancer to have it surrounded by a wall, and devoted it to "special projects". These were exceedingly rare, expensive plants, some of which had morally dubious applications.

His first kill was at the age of twelve. One of his cousins visited the manor. He was, put simply, a bully. After a week and a half of verbal taunts, this evolved into physical abuse. Ethaniel shrugged it off for two days before getting fed up and making a special visit to his garden. His cousin never woke up that night. It was written off as a severe allergic reaction and never brought up again.

His life went quietly on for another year and a half, when his father and a noble had a "spat". That noble claimed rights to the Grey lands. The king turned a blind eye to the conflict, letting it run its course. Just before it reached the point of summoning militia, the other noble dropped dead of a "heart attack" in the middle of a feast.

Ethaniel, realizing how much turmoil there was in the kingdom, decided to visit more feasts, dances, and other social gatherings. They were an excellent source of gossip. He began to identify the nobles who were having serious trouble with others, and then surreptiously offering to make the trouble vanish. For a certain price, of course.  The social functions were quite useful in getting close enough to make people disappear, too. Having an excuse to go to all of these required cultivating a "party boy" image that was a drastic change from his former self. He had the looks to pull it off, though, and he was soon a common sight at functions across the kingdom.

After a series of smooth jobs, he managed to poison a woman who was the target of a Gentleman. This Gentleman, linking the death to a few others that didn't seem quite right, managed to identify Ethaniel and track him down. Not for any nefarious purposes; he indited Ethaniel into the Club, ensuring that he wouldn't lose any future targets to an independent operative.

Ethaniel is still doing much the same today as he was then. Taking jobs, removing people of interest, and now making obscene amounts of money to supplement the allowance he receives from his father.

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