Ipluvien Chrom is an Artificer played by Sparrowhawk/Bricksmasher2110.

Backstory Edit

Ipluvien Chrom was born of House Chrom in the country of Woczenky. His family has had a long line of Artificers. This stretches back into the Dark War, with his ancestor, Olkeng Chrom. Olkeng lost his eyes during the war, and not able to live with his sons having an advantage over him, he had their eyes removed as well. This became a custom in the family, sons having to construct their own artificial eyes before being accepted, or even allowed to see for that matter.

Recent Events Edit

Ipluvien Chrom was recently drafted by the Wizard Order to fight in the war against the savages of the Wild Lands. He travelled to the border with some Woczenkyan soldiers, then moved into Triden, where he joined the larger Wizard force and met Bellamy Severson. Once in the Wild Lands, Ipluvien was assigned to raid a savage camp and gather information. While walking over the mountains, he received a vision from Hereholm, patron god of Paltland. Hereholm wished for Ipluvien to become one of his prophets, to which Ipluvien said no, and went on his way. He successfully raided the village and gathered information about the savage's elemental magic and their upper caste of Blood Mages. He immediately informed the Order's assigned leader of the camp of this, and advised the complete destruction of the savages, using one of the ancient magical WMDs from the Dark War. He was then made director of all the Artificers in the Wild Lands.

Some time after this, he went to raid another Savage village, but was shot in the stomach four times by Ethaniel Grey's water bullets and fell from twenty feet, fracturing his spine. He lay there bleeding out internally until Ethaniel acquired the services of Chaos Cleric Irithias Lorerthen, who used his master's power to heal Ipluvien. After regaining consciousness, he began a discussion of the savages with Ethaniel.

Personality Edit

Ipluvien is rather disdainful of lower classes. He doesn't understand them and finds them stupid. He has been known to befriend them though, as is the case of the Woczenkyan soldier Igor. He is often times sarcastic and cynical. His first language is Tzar, the language of Woczenky, and also speaks Paltish, albeit with a thick Woczenkyan accent (think Russian).

Equipment Edit

Ipluvien has a backpack that contains several mechanical arms. Some of these appendages end in grabbing devices, and others in small blue screens that display scrolling lines of data written in Tzar. His upper face is covered by a golden mask inlayed with a blue stone that dilates when he focuses. He wears brown robes. For weapons, two glowing blue auto-bows do the trick, capable of firing independently using their own targeting systems, or they can be taken over by Ipluvien.