Irithias Lorerthen is a player characther from plurky of house targaryen

Backstory of the Caracther Edit

Irithias Lorerthen was born as the baseborn son, aka bastard, of Oberout Martell[1 1] His mother was a farmer girl Oberout met during a small war against one of his neighbouring nobles. The girl, Anne Lorerthen[2 1] died giving birth to Irithias, and feeling guilty for making her pregnant Oberout took the baby to his castle, where he raised him until he was seven. By then, he looked to frail to make a good warrior, but was already suffering of the John Snow syndrome, aka being more awasome then the actuall kids. To get rid of him, Oberout sent him to the wizard school

At he wizard school he was no more then a avarage student, and didn't realy seem to care about his education. He did the verry minimum of what was neccecery, and never more. That all changed one day. No one, not his teachers, nore the friends he had understood why, but from then on all his time went into his study. Every free moment he was in the library studying, completely ignoring his former friends, not even doing so much as talking to them anymore.

He became very talented, and his teacher valued him. He passed all levels, but when he accieved the rank of wizard he left he is now traveling throughout the world.

Recent events Edit

Irithias has taken up residence in a abandoned castle. He has there struck a terrible pact with Chaos to gain immortality in return for half his soul. After kidnapping a few local thugs and criminals and turning them into his servents, he has left for the barbarians. There he, proclaiming himself a cleric of "the One God" healed Ipluvien.

equipment Edit

  • a black robe
  • a small dagger
  • spellbooks etc.
  • plot armour
  • a holy symbol of Chaos

references Edit

  1. yes, this is a horrible reference to Oberyn Martell, whose characther I do not own or have any rights to, this is purely ment as a joke towards books I love. Please don't sew me :p
  1. yes, this is INDEED a girl who is related vaguely to the well-know hero of the 3 week war, Sam Lorerthen. That's why she has such a fancy name. In fact, he was her uncle. She is base-born as well.