The Wizard Order was founded three thousand years before the modern era, 0 APB, in the wake of the Desolation War. The close of the war was due to the collaboration of eight Mage Warlords, who founded the Order as a bastion of peace and magical study, bringing the war to a steady end. It still serves its founding statement today.

Groups and Options Within the OrderEdit

Outside OrderEdit

  • Any job. Jellies, clocks, whatever.

Within OrderEdit

  • Rangers– Order military force. Many are sent to the wild lands to tame them.
  • Instructor– You can be a teacher within or without the Citadel, but both require a permit.
  • Scholar– Studies magic.
  • Historian– Records modern events and studies ancient ones.


The steps one must take within the Wizard Order with the requirements and duties

  • Initiate
    • Show a magical talent; between the ages of 7 and 17
    • Learn from the Instructors
  • Novice
    • Pass the Novices' Exam; directly after passing exam-five years after exam
    • Serve Wizards and Mages, learn from Instructors
  • Prentice
    • Graduate with a commendation from a Wizard or Mage; graduation-two years after graduation
    • Work alongside assigned Wizard or Mage, learning their practices and specialization
  • Wizard
    • Be commended by assigned Wizard or Mage; promotion-indefinite
    • Do as he has chosen
  • Mage
    • Fill in for recently deceased Mage you served/approved recommendation from Archmage sent to Grand Magus/receive promotion for outstanding work; promotion-indefinite
    • Do as chosen
  • Archmage
    • Receive majority vote from Archmages, approved by Grand Magus; lifetime
    • Serve in the Citadel with Archmages
  • Grand Magus
    • Receive unanimous vote from Archmages; lifetime
    • Lead Wizard Order